Welcome to The American Donkey Assocation!
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American Donkey Association is comprised of enthusiasts seeking to promote the love and gentle nature of donkeys through promotional activities, increasing shows and knowledge. We are a national organization encouraging input from farms, breeders, exhibitors, rescues and hobbyists to increase awareness of these magnificent equine.

Our goals are as follows:

Promote the welfare of donkeys.

Help others be a better donkey owner through education.

Expand donkey activities and shows.

Have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of like minded donkey owners.

Expand contacts with other donkey owners and associations.

American Donkey Association is innovative and always seeking new, fresh ideas to meet our goals. We believe your membership in the American Donkey Association will be beneficial and extremely rewarding. We welcome you to join us today and “Make A Difference” in the donkey community. We look forward to having you as a part of our donkey adventure.

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Welcome to the American Donkey Associatiion!
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